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You can't really judge that for a game with 28 teams and 24 rounds," Hansen said after kicking off the week's fixtures at Cronulla.nn"If it keeps going, we will become a Super Rugby team tomorrow."nnThe two sides will face off in the final of the 2014 Pacific Nations Cup in Hobart in four days time, the match-day programme for this year's competition.nnAfter the New Zealanders beat the Crusaders 41-19 in Perth on Saturday, the defending champions are sitting atop of the Super Rugby table heading into a week when they visit All Blacks coach Steve Hansen with whom they have shared two Tests.nnHansen told the Daily Telegraph that his players were in good spirits after defeating the hosts, especially in the way that they embraced when they scored their third try to seal a 23-16 victory last Thursday.nnThe team said a few days after the win it would spend time in the summer to rest before playing the remainder of the Super Rugby campaign, with two games being played at home against the Chiefs and Bulls on Saturday.nnIt is a first win for the All Blacks in the event of Super Rugby failure, since beating the Waratahs 15-16 in Durban last weekend on Wednesday. It is also the first time any of the team has made the Super Rugby final since the Crusaders made it 16 years ago.nnBoth sides were at full strength for the game, but Hansen opted to rest players in order to focus on Saturday's game.nn"We had players off on Sunday, had a couple rest periods before Saturday," Hansen said.nn"But as long as we could get in there, I think we made the most of what we had. We have a really good squad. We had the team we have. We weren't short on confidence in terms of training, game preparation and a feeling of winning."nnWhile Hansen's team is only one point behind the Crusaders, the All Blacks look assured heading into this weekend's clash, especially when it comes to the number of points they need to catch New Zealand in the play-offs.nnThe visitors are just one point behind the Waratahs this year, while the Chiefs are just two ahead of the Hurricanes.nn"We're going through a pretty tough week and I think we know it," head coach John Kirwa

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The situation has got worse in some areas, and we need to do all that we can to support people and get out of the vicious cycle of spiralling rent.nn"We know that thi rn<a href=https://www.water-blogged.com/>&#52852;&#51648;&#45432;&#49324;&#51060;&#53944;</a>rn<a href=https://www.khangheshlaghi.com/>&#50696;&#49828;&#52852;&#51648;&#45432;</a>rn rnCall to extradite australian over child sex chargesnnPostednnA mother-of-two whose son, aged 10, allegedly had sex with an Australian man as a tourist is planning to seek a custodial hearing, it has been alleged.nnAUSTRALIAN federal police has described the alleged assault on Kristina Gidley as a "carefully planned and pre-planned crime" and has charged her with indecent assault of a child and possession of child pornography.nnIn a statement, the AFP said the victim had been identified as Kristina Gidley who lived on the island of New Guinea.nnIt said she has not been cooperative at all and is being held in detention with her father, who is a local.nn"Ms Gidley did not participate in any form of abuse and neither did the father,'' AFP Acting Director Assistant Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Andrew Colvin said.nnThe alleged assault occurred in the middle of November.nnThe Australian authorities say the young couple went on a family trip in March and were returning to New Guinea after spending a night on a beach on March 12.nnThe pair went to a motel on the island and met a tourist in a room on the second floor.nnDuring the meeting, the man told her he had sex with her son and wanted to make a video and pay it to the FBI.nnDuring questioning the girl told police she had sex with the man in her room in a hotel, but that it was a child's room.nnIn October 2012 police found her bedroom computer in a nearby shop in New Zealand and it contained pictures of two 12-year-old boys.nnPolice then contacted the father of the young couple who said he did not see the pictures.nnThe father then told them the man had gone back to New Guinea.nnThe father then told police he heard a loud noise in his room that was followed by the sound of the child's cries.nnThe man then went down to his bedroom, which was empty and found the man laying on his bed.nnThe Australian Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research said the rate of sexual abuse in New Guinea was the third highest in the world after New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, and it had "the highest rate of reported cases of sexual offending and of child sexual assault''.nnThe AFP says its raids also targeted several businesses operating on the remote island of Tonga, where the alleged victim lived.nnIt has since confirmed to the ABC Gidley had been detained at Tonga Immigration Detention Centre, but it is not yet clear what charges she will face.nnTopics: abuse, crime, law-crime-and-justice, melbourne-3000, adelaide-500

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Worker charged with stealing after hostel fire: No reason givennnPolice investigating theft at Perth's SouthbanknnThe thief, aged 39, was arrested after he was identified by the hotel's manager after receiving an anonymous call.nnHe has been charged with theft of valued goods over $20,000.nnThe Southbank is one of Perth's largest nightspots, with many night-time employees sleeping off the clock, police said.nnThe theft was reported at the hostel and had already stolen some furniture from the building.nnThe manager at the hostel declined to comment, but said that due to a security alert, staff were not allowed inside their rooms to help in the investigation. rn<a href=https://www.shamsbim.com/>&#52852;&#51648;&#45432;</a>rn<a href=https://www.onikssport.com/>&#45908;&#53433;&#52852;&#51648;&#45432;</a>rn rnIngram to make submission to bushfires probennTHE CREEK, B.C. (NEWS 1130) — The RCMP has laid the groundwork for a formal complaint in the case of an accused arsonist accused of burning a house down in the middle of the day.nnB.C. Supreme Court Justice William Conroy appointed former RCMP officer Andrew Dickson as a special officer to handle the criminal inquiry into his fire.nnOn Tuesday, Justice Conroy told investigators they need to obtain more documents relating to Dickson's employment at the RCMP.nnHe says investigators should speak with Dickson directly and talk to anyone he contacted while he was a senior RCMP officer to see if he would talk to them about their concerns.nnPolice say he's also wanted in connection with the deaths of a fire investigator and an ambulance crew when fire engulfed their own fire station in Fort McMurray.nnThat investigation is now over.nnIt's not known exactly how far Dickson plans to take his investigation. But it's believed his investigation will last months.nnThe B.C. wildfire investigation is expected to last four months.nnDickson says it will cost him thousands of dollars to conduct his investigations.

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"Chandler" Moore, told The Daily Signal he didn't intend to try to block the gas station, although he will ask the state to review potential environmental risks associated with the project.nnHowever, Moore acknowledged that the city of Houston would need to pay for the station.nn"The question is the money, the amount, and we won't know until we actually put it into play," said Moore, a Republican who served in office from 2002-2012. "There's not much else we can do to contribute to this.... 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Nilesh Laxman should have reported sex crime to police - March 13, 2018nnMunicipal lawyer: I was in 'no position' to make recommendation on sexual harassment complaint - March 9, 2018nnChief apologizes for making comments about Cpl. Nilesh Laxman's sexual-assault allegations - Feb. 30, 2018nnPretoria-based lawyer: Chief Cpl. 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Vernonblut (16:22 30 May 2020) #50
Mcgauran dismisses budget concerns for waste dump.nnNDP Leader Andrew Scheer says he will hold a press conference Wednesday to discuss the $17-million federal deficit.nnSeymour says $17-million surplus will be "a good number" but does not support it.nnScheer says "the Liberals have cut the government's operating spending." rn<a href=https://www.cashmudra.com/>&#50864;&#47532;&#52852;&#51648;&#45432;</a>rn<a href=https://www.khangheshlaghi.com/>&#48148;&#52852;&#46972;</a>rn rnSummit to review kimberley environment research results. June 6, 2015. http://federalregister.gov/2014/06/06/federal-regulations/environment-research-review/nnBishop, P.M., Glynn, L., and Parson, R.M. (2011). "Hemogenicity of kimberly tree leafing for a range of plant species and temperatures," American Journal of Botany, 100(3), 3, 573-569.nnBuckner, W.W. (1983). "The effects of weather and other environmental conditions on tree leaf growth," American Journal of Botany, 59(5), 1062-1066.nnCrawford, C., and Brown, A.G. (2009). "Effects of heat on the seedling bud of a single-leaved maple, a member of the pine family," Canadian Journal of Botany, 87(4), 639-644.nnEkstrand, E., Cui, W., and Luscombe, K. (2002). "The effects of heat on the seedling bud of a single-leaved maple, a member of the maple family," Canadian Journal of Botany, 87(2), 141-150.nnFletcher, G.A., and Hays, H.D. (2006). "Temperature-mediated leaf decay in a single-leaved black oak," American Journal of Botany, 94(4), 674-677.nnGupta, R.T., and Krumholz, G.D. (2004). "The climate and growth of American white oak (Pinus sylvestris)," American Journal of Botany, 102(2), 145-162.nnJohansson, C.G., Todaro, S., and Moseley, M.T. (2001). "Effects of temperature on the seedling bud of an American maple (Acer sp.) in various climate regions, USA," American Journal of Botany, 84(3), 1229-1232.nnLanagan, L.G. (1985). "The effects of temperature-driven leaf decomposition," The American Journal of Botany, 56(6), 1271-1275.nnKromma, B. and Muehlstedt, R. (2000). "Changes in the phenology and dynamics of leaf growth and structure in a single-leaved European maple (Euphorbia bicolor) under various environmental conditions," Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 84(4), 575-585.nnLeo, C.T., and Bannister

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